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Drinking Water:

Stronger Efforts Needed to Protect Areas Around Public Wells From Contamination
Published: Apr 14, 1993. Publicly Released: May 4, 1993.

Drinking Water:

Key Quality Assurance Program Is Flawed and Underfunded
Published: Apr 19, 1993. Publicly Released: Apr 19, 1993.

Drinking Water:

Key Quality Assurance Program Is Flawed and Underfunded
Published: Apr 9, 1993. Publicly Released: Apr 15, 1993.

Wildlife Management:

Many Issues Unresolved in Yellowstone Bison-Cattle Brucellosis Conflict
Published: Oct 21, 1992. Publicly Released: Nov 25, 1992.

Drinking Water:

Projects That May Damage Sole Source Aquifers Are Not Always Identified
Published: Oct 13, 1992. Publicly Released: Nov 12, 1992.

Air Pollution:

Unresolved Issues May Hamper Success of EPA's Proposed Emissions Program
Published: Sep 25, 1992. Publicly Released: Oct 23, 1992.

Natural Resources Protection:

Reelfoot Lake Lease Terms Met, but Lake Continues to Deteriorate
Published: Aug 17, 1992. Publicly Released: Aug 17, 1992.

Drinking Water:

Widening Gap Between Needs and Available Resources Threatens Vital EPA Program
Published: Jul 6, 1992. Publicly Released: Aug 8, 1992.

Water Pollution:

Alternative Strategies Needed to Reduce Wastewater Treatment Costs
Published: Aug 4, 1992. Publicly Released: Aug 4, 1992.

Drinking Water:

Consumers Often Not Well-informed of Potentially Serious Violations
Published: Jun 25, 1992. Publicly Released: Jul 29, 1992.