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Mineral Revenues:

Collection and Distribution of Revenues From Acquired Lands
Published: Aug 2, 1990. Publicly Released: Sep 4, 1990.

Alaska Wildlife Refuges:

Restrictive Criteria Used to Recommend Additional Wilderness
Published: Sep 28, 1989. Publicly Released: Oct 12, 1989.

Natural Resources and Environment:

Shortfalls in BLM's Management of Wildlife Habitat in the California Desert Conservation Area
Published: Oct 2, 1989. Publicly Released: Oct 2, 1989.

National Wildlife Refuges:

Continuing Problems With Incompatible Uses Call for Bold Action
Published: Sep 8, 1989. Publicly Released: Sep 13, 1989.

Natural Resources and Environment:

Problems With Incompatible Uses on National Wildlife Refuges
Published: Sep 12, 1989. Publicly Released: Sep 12, 1989.

California Desert:

Planned Wildlife Protection and Enhancement Objectives Not Achieved
Published: Jun 23, 1989. Publicly Released: Aug 1, 1989.

Natural Resources and Environment:

Proposed Alaska Land Exchanges
Published: Jul 7, 1988. Publicly Released: Jul 7, 1988.

Parks and Recreation:

Access Permits to Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge Improperly Granted
Published: Dec 29, 1986. Publicly Released: Jan 7, 1987.

Federal Land Acquisition:

An Update on Federal Agencies' Progress Under the Alaska Lands Act
Published: Nov 12, 1986. Publicly Released: Nov 24, 1986.

Natural Resources and Environment:

Economic Uses of the National Wildlife Refuge System Unlikely To Increase Significantly
Published: Jun 15, 1984. Publicly Released: Jun 15, 1984.