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The National Fire Plan:

Federal Agencies Are Not Organized to Effectively and Efficiently Implement the Plan
Published: Jul 31, 2001. Publicly Released: Jul 31, 2001.

Federal Lands:

Agencies Need to Assess the Impact of Personal Watercraft and Snowmobile Use
Published: Sep 15, 2000. Publicly Released: Oct 18, 2000.

Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan:

Additional Water Quality Projects May Be Needed and Could Increase Costs
Published: Sep 14, 2000. Publicly Released: Sep 20, 2000.

Federal Lands:

Land Management Agencies' Wildfire Suppression Expenditures
Published: Apr 10, 1998. Publicly Released: Apr 10, 1998.

Federal Lands:

Information About Land Management Agencies' Wildfire Preparedness Activities
Published: Dec 18, 1997. Publicly Released: Dec 18, 1997.

Land Ownership:

Similarities and Differences in the Management of Selected State and Federal Land Units
Published: Jun 27, 1997. Publicly Released: Jul 14, 1997.

Natural Resources:

Five-Year Bibliography 1991-1995
Published: Aug 1, 1996. Publicly Released: Aug 1, 1996.

Forest Service:

Issues Related to Managing National Forests for Multiple Uses
Published: Mar 26, 1996. Publicly Released: Mar 26, 1996.

Federal Lands:

Information on Land Owned and on Acreage with Conservation Restrictions
Published: Mar 2, 1995. Publicly Released: Mar 2, 1995.

National Wildlife Refuge System:

Contributions Being Made to Endangered Species Recovery
Published: Nov 14, 1994. Publicly Released: Dec 15, 1994.