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Valles Caldera:

Trust Has Made Some Progress, but Needs to Do More to Meet Statutory Goals
Published: Nov 16, 2005. Publicly Released: Nov 16, 2005.

Livestock Grazing:

Federal Expenditures and Receipts Vary, Depending on the Agency and the Purpose of the Fee Charged
Published: Sep 30, 2005. Publicly Released: Oct 31, 2005.

Waters and Wetlands:

Corps of Engineers Needs to Better Support Its Decisions for Not Asserting Jurisdiction
Published: Sep 9, 2005. Publicly Released: Oct 11, 2005.

Wetlands Protection:

Hardrock Mining:

BLM Needs to Better Manage Financial Assurances to Guarantee Coverage of Reclamation Costs
Published: Jun 20, 2005. Publicly Released: Jul 25, 2005.

Oil And Gas Development:

Wildland Fire Management:

Timely Identification of Long-Term Options and Funding Needs Is Critical
Published: Jul 14, 2005. Publicly Released: Jul 14, 2005.

Natural Resources:

Natural Resources:

Endangered Species Act:

Forest Service:

Better Data Are Needed to Identify and Prioritize Reforestation and Timber Stand Improvement Needs
Published: Apr 15, 2005. Publicly Released: Apr 27, 2005.

Forest Service:

Wildland Fire Management:

Progress and Future Challenges, Protecting Structures, and Improving Communications
Published: Apr 26, 2005. Publicly Released: Apr 26, 2005.

Technology Assessment:

Protecting Structures and Improving Communications during Wildland Fires
Published: Apr 26, 2005. Publicly Released: Apr 26, 2005.

National Park Service:

Managed Properties in the District of Columbia
Published: Apr 15, 2005. Publicly Released: Apr 15, 2005.

Brownfield Redevelopment:

Invasive Species:

Cooperation and Coordination Are Important for Effective Management of Invasive Weeds
Published: Feb 25, 2005. Publicly Released: Mar 29, 2005.

Klamath River Basin:

Storm Water Pollution:

Information Needed on the Implications of Permitting Oil and Gas Construction Activities
Published: Feb 9, 2005. Publicly Released: Mar 14, 2005.

Hazardous Waste Sites:

Improved Effectiveness of Controls at Sites Could Better Protect the Public
Published: Jan 28, 2005. Publicly Released: Mar 7, 2005.

Wildland Fire Management:

Wildland Fire Management:

Important Progress Has Been Made, but Challenges Remain to Completing a Cohesive Strategy
Published: Jan 14, 2005. Publicly Released: Feb 14, 2005.

Brownfield Redevelopment:

Alaska Native Allotments:

Conflicts with Utility Rights-of-way Have Not Been Resolved through Existing Remedies
Published: Sep 7, 2004. Publicly Released: Oct 7, 2004.

Border Security:

Agencies Need to Better Coordinate Their Strategies and Operations on Federal Lands
Published: Jun 16, 2004. Publicly Released: Jul 1, 2004.

Alaska Native Villages:

Villages Affected by Flooding and Erosion Have Difficulty Qualifying for Federal Assistance
Published: Jun 29, 2004. Publicly Released: Jun 29, 2004.

Federal Land Management:

Additional Guidance on Community Involvement Could Enhance Effectiveness of Stewardship Contracting
Published: Jun 14, 2004. Publicly Released: Jun 14, 2004.

Recreation Fees:

Comments on the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act, H.R. 3283
Published: May 6, 2004. Publicly Released: May 6, 2004.

Endangered Species:

Federal Agencies Have Worked to Improve the Consultation Process, but More Management Attention Is Needed
Published: Mar 19, 2004. Publicly Released: Mar 29, 2004.

Waters and Wetlands:

Corps of Engineers Needs to Evaluate Its District Office Practices in Determining Jurisdiction
Published: Feb 27, 2004. Publicly Released: Mar 3, 2004.

Alaska Native Villages:

Most Are Affected by Flooding and Erosion, but Few Qualify for Federal Assistance
Published: Dec 12, 2003. Publicly Released: Dec 12, 2003.

National Wildlife Refuges:

Improvement Needed in the Management and Oversight of Oil and Gas Activities on Federal Lands
Published: Oct 30, 2003. Publicly Released: Oct 30, 2003.

Military Training:

Geospatial Information:

Technologies Hold Promise for Wildland Fire Management, but Challenges Remain
Published: Sep 23, 2003. Publicly Released: Sep 23, 2003.

National Wildlife Refuges:

Opportunities to Improve the Management and Oversight of Oil and Gas Activities on Federal Lands
Published: Aug 28, 2003. Publicly Released: Sep 23, 2003.

Wildland Fire Management:

Additional Actions Required to Better Identify and Priorities Lands Needing Fuels Reduction
Published: Aug 15, 2003. Publicly Released: Sep 15, 2003.

Hazardous Waste:

EPA's Cleanup of the Eagle-Picher Henryetta, Oklahoma, Site
Published: Sep 5, 2003. Publicly Released: Sep 10, 2003.

Geospatial Information:

Technologies Hold Promise for Wildland Fire Management, but Challenges Remain
Published: Aug 28, 2003. Publicly Released: Aug 28, 2003.

Endangered Species:

Despite Consultation Improvement Efforts in the Pacific Northwest, Concerns Persist about the Process
Published: Jun 25, 2003. Publicly Released: Jun 25, 2003.

BLM Public Domain Lands:

Volume of Timber Offered for Sale Has Declined Substantially Since Fiscal Year 1990
Published: Jun 19, 2003. Publicly Released: Jun 19, 2003.

Forest Service:

Little Progress on Performance Accountability Likely Unless Management Addresses Key Challenges
Published: May 1, 2003. Publicly Released: Jun 2, 2003.

Agricultural Conservation:

USDA Needs to Better Ensure Protection of Highly Erodible Cropland and Wetlands
Published: Apr 21, 2003. Publicly Released: May 21, 2003.

Great Lakes:

An Overall Strategy and Indicators for Measuring Progress Are Needed to Better Achieve Restoration Goals
Published: Apr 30, 2003. Publicly Released: May 21, 2003.

Recreation Fees:

Information on Forest Service Management of Revenue from the Fee Demonstration Program
Published: Apr 25, 2003. Publicly Released: May 19, 2003.

Natural Resources:

Wildland Fires:

Better Information Needed on Effectiveness of Emergency Stabilization and Rehabilitation Treatments
Published: Apr 4, 2003. Publicly Released: May 7, 2003.

Environmental Contamination:

South Florida Restoration:

Task Force Needs to Improve Science Coordination to Increase the Likelihood of Success
Published: Mar 18, 2003. Publicly Released: Mar 26, 2003.

Major Management Challenges and Program Risks:

Department of the Interior
Published: Jan 1, 2003. Publicly Released: Jan 1, 2003.

Results-Oriented Management: