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Army Armored Systems:

Advanced Field Artillery System Experiences Problems with Liquid Propellant
Published: Nov 2, 1994. Publicly Released: Nov 2, 1994.

Air Force:

Assessment of DOD's Report on Plan and Capabilities for Evaluating Heavy Bombers
Published: Jan 10, 1994. Publicly Released: Jan 10, 1994.

Electronic Warfare:

Inadequate Testing Led to Faulty SLQ-32s on Ships
Published: Aug 19, 1993. Publicly Released: Sep 22, 1993.

Apache Helicopter:

Tests Results for 30-Millimeter Weapon System Inconclusive
Published: Apr 1, 1993. Publicly Released: May 6, 1993.

National Defense:

Electronic Warfare
Published: Mar 5, 1993. Publicly Released: Mar 5, 1993.

B-2 Bomber:

Status of Compliance With the 1992 and 1993 Defense Authorization Act
Published: Dec 4, 1992. Publicly Released: Dec 4, 1992.

Javelin Antitank Weapon:

Quantity and Identification Capability Need to Be Reassessed
Published: Sep 14, 1992. Publicly Released: Sep 24, 1992.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles:

More Testing Needed Before Production of Short-Range System
Published: Sep 4, 1992. Publicly Released: Sep 9, 1992.

Strategic Defense Initiative:

Estimates of Brilliant Pebbles' Effectiveness Are Based on Many Unproven Assumptions
Published: Mar 27, 1992. Publicly Released: Mar 27, 1992.

Electronic Warfare:

DOD Did Not Meet Test Criteria Before Production of the Airborne Self-Protection Jammer
Published: Mar 25, 1992. Publicly Released: Mar 25, 1992.