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DOD Acquisition:

Information on Joint Major Programs
Published: Jul 17, 1989. Publicly Released: Jul 17, 1989.

Strategic Defense Initiative Program:

Zenith Star Space-Based Chemical Laser Experiment
Published: Apr 14, 1989. Publicly Released: May 15, 1989.

ICBM Modernization:

Availability Problems and Flight Test Delays in Peacekeeper Program
Published: Mar 9, 1989. Publicly Released: Apr 10, 1989.

Battlefield Automation:

Field Artillery Data Systems Acquisition Problems and Budget Impacts
Published: Mar 28, 1989. Publicly Released: Apr 10, 1989.

Torpedo Procurement:

Issues Related to the Navy's MK-50 Torpedo Propulsion System
Published: Jan 27, 1989. Publicly Released: Feb 2, 1989.

Navy Strategic Forces:

Trident II Proceeding Toward Deployment
Published: Nov 21, 1988. Publicly Released: Nov 28, 1988.

Strategic Defense Initiative Program:

Accuracy of Statements Concerning DOE's X-Ray Laser Research Program
Published: Jun 30, 1988. Publicly Released: Jul 15, 1988.

National Defense:

Department of Defense Inventory Growth and Management Problems Continue
Published: Mar 15, 1988. Publicly Released: Mar 15, 1988.

Navy Contracting:

Status of Plans To Second Source AEGIS Weapon System
Published: Dec 21, 1987. Publicly Released: Jan 12, 1988.

National Defense:

Army's Modifications To Improve the Bradley Fighting Vehicle's Survivability, Reliability, and Performance
Published: Dec 17, 1987. Publicly Released: Dec 17, 1987.