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Army Procurement:

Status of Commercial Activities Study at White Sands Missle Range
Published: May 3, 1990. Publicly Released: May 3, 1990.

Army ADP Procurement:

Contracting and Market Share Information
Published: Mar 1, 1990. Publicly Released: Apr 4, 1990.

Communications Acquisition:

Issues Involving Army's Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System
Published: Mar 20, 1990. Publicly Released: Apr 4, 1990.

Army Procurement:

Costs and Benefits of Electronic and Mechanical Time Fuzes
Published: Dec 22, 1989. Publicly Released: Jan 23, 1990.

Reserve Training:

FIREX 88 Achieved Its Objectives but Missed Other Training Opportunities
Published: Sep 15, 1989. Publicly Released: Sep 15, 1989.

Army Procurement:

The Selection of a Manufacturer for the 120-mm Mortar
Published: Jul 18, 1989. Publicly Released: Aug 17, 1989.

Defense Management:

Streamlining the Acquisition Process
Published: Aug 2, 1989. Publicly Released: Aug 2, 1989.

Army Ammunition:

Acquisition of the M762 Electronic Time Fuze and the XM900E1 Tank Round
Published: May 31, 1989. Publicly Released: Jun 13, 1989.

Battlefield Automation:

Field Artillery Data Systems Acquisition Problems and Budget Impacts
Published: Mar 28, 1989. Publicly Released: Apr 10, 1989.

National Defense:

Needed Improvements in the Army's Inventory Management System
Published: Mar 23, 1989. Publicly Released: Mar 23, 1989.