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Justice and Law Enforcement:

Proposed Relocation of the Offices of the Social Security Administrator and Staff
Published: May 7, 1979. Publicly Released: May 6, 1985.


Use of Government Vehicles for Home-to-Work Transportation
Published: Dec 13, 1983. Publicly Released: Dec 13, 1983.

Justice and Law Enforcement:

Status Report on the Administration's Proposals for Budgetary Savings in FY 1983
Published: Jun 14, 1983. Publicly Released: Jun 14, 1983.

Budget and Spending:

The Department of Energy's Use of Support Service Contractors To Perform Basic Management Functions
Published: Sep 14, 1981. Publicly Released: Oct 14, 1981.

Budget and Spending:

Propriety of DOE Use of FY 1981 Appropriations To Make Severance Payments Extending Into FY 1982
Published: Jul 28, 1981. Publicly Released: Jul 28, 1981.

Fraud in Government Programs:

How Extensive Is It and How Can It Be Controlled (Volume I)
Published: May 7, 1981. Publicly Released: May 7, 1981.

Justice and Law Enforcement:

Travel and Per Diem Expenses of Employees Negotiating a Collective Bargaining Agreement
Published: Dec 29, 1980. Publicly Released: Dec 29, 1980.

Business Regulation and Consumer Protection:

First Look at Senior Executive Service Performance Awards/SBA
Published: Sep 19, 1980. Publicly Released: Sep 19, 1980.

Streamlining the Federal Field Structure:

Potential Opportunities, Barriers, and Actions That Can Be Taken
Published: Aug 5, 1980. Publicly Released: Aug 5, 1980.

Justice and Law Enforcement: