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Opportunities to Improve
Published: Jan 6, 1995. Publicly Released: Jan 6, 1995.

Social Security Administration:

Risks Associated With Information Technology Investment Continue
Published: Sep 19, 1994. Publicly Released: Sep 19, 1994.

Tax Systems Modernization:

IRS' Use of Consultants to Do the TMAC Price/Technical Tradeoff Analysis
Published: Oct 23, 1992. Publicly Released: Oct 29, 1992.

ADP Procurement:

Prompt Navy Action Can Reduce Risks to SNAP III Implementation
Published: Sep 29, 1992. Publicly Released: Sep 29, 1992.

Major NIH Computer System:

Poor Management Resulted in Unmet Scientists' Needs and Wasted Millions
Published: Nov 4, 1991. Publicly Released: Jan 10, 1992.

Farmers Home Administration:

Half-Billion Dollar ADP Modernization Lacks Adequate Planning and Oversight
Published: Oct 29, 1991. Publicly Released: Oct 29, 1991.

ADP Procurements:

GSA Needs to Improve Its Review Process to Enhance Its ADP Oversight
Published: Oct 28, 1991. Publicly Released: Oct 28, 1991.

ADP Procurement:

Better Capacity Planning Needed at Agriculture's National Finance Center
Published: Feb 13, 1991. Publicly Released: Mar 20, 1991.

Information Resources:

Problems Persist in Justice's ADP Management and Operations
Published: Nov 6, 1990. Publicly Released: Dec 5, 1990.

Resolution Trust Corporation:

Stronger Information Technology Leadership Needed
Published: Jul 23, 1990. Publicly Released: Jul 23, 1990.