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Apache Longbow Helicopter:

Fire Control Radar Not Ready for Multiyear Procurement
Published: Nov 17, 1997. Publicly Released: Nov 17, 1997.

Army Acquisition:

Javelin Is Not Ready for Multiyear Procurement
Published: Sep 26, 1996. Publicly Released: Sep 26, 1996.

Battlefield Automation:

Army Land Warrior Program Acquisition Strategy May Be Too Ambitious
Published: Sep 11, 1996. Publicly Released: Sep 11, 1996.

Tactical Intelligence:

Accelerated Joint STARS Ground Station Acquisition Strategy Is Risky
Published: May 23, 1996. Publicly Released: May 23, 1996.

Longbow Apache Helicopter:

System Procurement Issues Need to Be Resolved
Published: Aug 24, 1995. Publicly Released: Aug 24, 1995.

National Defense:

[Comments on Air Force Procurement of Advanced Cruise Missiles]
Published: Jul 7, 1995. Publicly Released: Jul 7, 1995.

Naval Aviation:

F/A-18 E/F Acquisition Strategy
Published: Aug 18, 1994. Publicly Released: Sep 22, 1994.

Minimizing Friendly Fire:

The Army Should Consider Long-Term Solution in Its Procurement Decision on Near-Term Needs
Published: Oct 22, 1993. Publicly Released: Nov 22, 1993.

Navy Ships:

Problems Continue to Plague the Seawolf Submarine Program
Published: Aug 4, 1993. Publicly Released: Aug 10, 1993.

Acquisition Management:

Waivers to Acquisition Work Force Training, Education, and Experience Requirements
Published: Mar 30, 1993. Publicly Released: Mar 30, 1993.