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Accounting procedures (41 - 50 of 126 items)

District of Columbia:

Presentation of the Authority's Financial Information for Fiscal Years 1997 and 1996
Published: Dec 2, 1998. Publicly Released: Dec 2, 1998.

Excise Taxes:

Internal Control Weaknesses Affect Accuracy of Distributions to the Trust Funds
Published: Nov 9, 1998. Publicly Released: Nov 9, 1998.

Management Letter:

IRS' Accounting Procedures and Internal Controls
Published: Sep 2, 1998. Publicly Released: Sep 2, 1998.

Congressional Award Foundation:

Continuing Attention Needed to Improve Internal Controls
Published: Jul 31, 1998. Publicly Released: Jul 31, 1998.

Internal Controls:

Issues Regarding Certain Transactions Processed by FMS
Published: Jun 17, 1998. Publicly Released: Jun 17, 1998.

Internal Control:

Essential for Safeguarding Assets, Compliance With Laws and Regulations, and Reliable Financial Reporting
Published: Apr 1, 1998. Publicly Released: Apr 1, 1998.

Kennedy Center:

Preventing Audit Duplication and Developing Facility Management Capability
Published: Mar 25, 1998. Publicly Released: Mar 25, 1998.

Federal Reserve Banks:

Internal Controls Over Cash at Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia Banks
Published: Aug 28, 1997. Publicly Released: Aug 28, 1997.

Kennedy Center:

Audit Duplication Can Be Prevented
Published: Aug 19, 1997. Publicly Released: Aug 19, 1997.

Auditing and Financial Management:

Opportunities to Improve the Congressional Award Foundation's Internal Controls
Published: Jul 30, 1997. Publicly Released: Jul 30, 1997.