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Financial Management:

Briefing on the Federal Aviation Administration Property, Plant, and Equipment Accountability Review
Published: Jun 11, 1999. Publicly Released: Jun 11, 1999.

Transportation Infrastructure:

Impacts of Utility Relocations on Highway and Bridge Projects
Published: Jun 9, 1999. Publicly Released: Jun 9, 1999.

Department of Transportation:

Credit Assistance for Surface Transportation Projects
Published: Jun 9, 1999. Publicly Released: Jun 9, 1999.

Results Act:

Observations on the Department of Transportation's Fiscal Year 2000 Performance Plan
Published: May 7, 1999. Publicly Released: May 7, 1999.

Outsourcing and Privatization:

Private-Sector Assistance for Federal Agency Studies
Published: Mar 26, 1999. Publicly Released: Mar 26, 1999.

Airline Deregulation:

Changes in Airfares, Service Quality, and Barriers to Entry
Published: Mar 4, 1999. Publicly Released: Mar 5, 1999.

Financial Management:

Briefing on the Federal Aviation Administration's Inventory Accountability
Published: Mar 3, 1999. Publicly Released: Mar 3, 1999.

Aviation Competition:

Effects on Consumers from Domestic Airline Alliances Vary
Published: Jan 15, 1999. Publicly Released: Jan 29, 1999.

Regulatory Burden:

Some Agencies' Claims Regarding Lack of Rulemaking Discretion Have Merit
Published: Jan 8, 1999. Publicly Released: Jan 8, 1999.

Welfare Reform:

Implementing DOT's Access to Jobs Program
Published: Dec 8, 1998. Publicly Released: Dec 8, 1998.