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    Army Corps of Engineers:

    Actions Needed to Further Improve Management of Hopper Dredging
    Published: Apr 10, 2014. Publicly Released: May 12, 2014.

    Defense Contracting:

    Early Attention in the Acquisition Process Needed to Enhance Competition
    Published: May 5, 2014. Publicly Released: May 5, 2014.

    Weapon Systems Management:

    DOD Has Taken Steps to Implement Product Support Managers but Needs to Evaluate Their Effects
    Published: Apr 29, 2014. Publicly Released: Apr 29, 2014.

    Defense Logistics:

    Actions Needed to Improve Department-Wide Management of Conventional Ammunition Inventory
    Published: Mar 31, 2014. Publicly Released: Apr 28, 2014.

    National Defense:

    Maritime Infrastructure:

    Key Issues Related to Commercial Activity in the U.S. Arctic over the Next Decade
    Published: Mar 19, 2014. Publicly Released: Apr 18, 2014.

    Ballistic Missile Defense:

    Actions Needed to Address Implementation Issues and Estimate Long-Term Costs for European Capabilities
    Published: Apr 11, 2014. Publicly Released: Apr 11, 2014.

    Defense Infrastructure:

    In-Kind Projects Initiated during Fiscal Years 2011 and 2012
    Published: Apr 9, 2014. Publicly Released: Apr 9, 2014.

    Defense Infrastructure:

    Army Has a Process to Manage Litigation Costs for the Military Housing Privatization Initiative
    Published: Apr 3, 2014. Publicly Released: Apr 3, 2014.

    Canceled DOD Programs:

    DOD Needs to Better Use Available Guidance and Manage Reusable Assets
    Published: Mar 27, 2014. Publicly Released: Mar 27, 2014.