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Inter-American Foundation:

Better Compliance With Some Key Procedures Needed
Published: Sep 28, 2000. Publicly Released: Sep 28, 2000.

Global Health:

Summary of Conference on Immunization in Developing Countries
Published: Mar 1, 2000. Publicly Released: Mar 1, 2000.

Foreign Assistance:

U.S. Assistance for Elementary and Preparatory Schools in the West Bank and Gaza Strip
Published: Dec 15, 1998. Publicly Released: Dec 15, 1998.

Foreign Assistance:

U.S. Efforts to Spur Panama's Economy Through Cash Transfers
Published: May 10, 1993. Publicly Released: May 10, 1993.

Foreign Assistance:

A Profile of the Agency for International Development
Published: Apr 3, 1992. Publicly Released: Apr 3, 1992.

Drug Policy and Agriculture:

U.S. Trade Impacts of Alternative Crops to Andean Coca
Published: Oct 28, 1991. Publicly Released: Nov 20, 1991.

Central America:

Humanitarian Assistance to the Nicaraguan Resistance
Published: Nov 14, 1990. Publicly Released: Nov 14, 1990.

Central America:

Assistance to Children Affected by the Nicaraguan Civil Strife
Published: Oct 25, 1990. Publicly Released: Oct 25, 1990.

Central America:

Assistance to Promote Democracy and National Reconciliation in Nicaragua
Published: Sep 24, 1990. Publicly Released: Sep 24, 1990.

El Salvador:

Accountability for U.S. Military and Economic Aid
Published: Sep 21, 1990. Publicly Released: Sep 21, 1990.