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Homeland Security:

Management and Programmatic Challenges Facing the Department of Homeland Security
Published: May 10, 2007. Publicly Released: May 10, 2007.

Homeland Security:

DHS Enterprise Architecture Continues to Evolve but Improvements Needed
Published: May 9, 2007. Publicly Released: May 9, 2007.

Transportation Security:

DHS Efforts to Eliminate Redundant Background Check Investigations
Published: Apr 26, 2007. Publicly Released: Apr 26, 2007.

Maritime Security:

Observations on Selected Aspects of the SAFE Port Act
Published: Apr 26, 2007. Publicly Released: Apr 26, 2007.

Department of Homeland Security:

Observations on GAO Access to Information on Programs and Activities
Published: Apr 25, 2007. Publicly Released: Apr 25, 2007.

Federal Transit Benefits Program:

Ineffective Controls Result in Fraud and Abuse by Federal Workers
Published: Apr 24, 2007. Publicly Released: Apr 24, 2007.

Coast Guard:

Observations on the Fiscal Year 2008 Budget, Performance, Reorganization, and Related Challenges
Published: Apr 18, 2007. Publicly Released: Apr 18, 2007.

Port Risk Management:

Additional Federal Guidance Would Aid Ports in Disaster Planning and Recovery
Published: Mar 28, 2007. Publicly Released: Mar 28, 2007.

Coast Guard:

Preliminary Observations on Deepwater Program Assets and Management Challenges
Published: Feb 15, 2007. Publicly Released: Feb 15, 2007.

Coast Guard:

Coast Guard Efforts to Improve Management and Address Operational Challenges in the Deepwater Program
Published: Feb 14, 2007. Publicly Released: Feb 14, 2007.