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Executive Guide:

Best Practices in Achieving Consistent, Accurate Physical Counts of Inventory and Related Property
Published: Jul 1, 2001. Publicly Released: Jul 1, 2001.

Year 2000 Computing Crisis:

Readiness of the Oil and Gas Industries
Published: May 19, 1999. Publicly Released: May 19, 1999.

Department of Energy:

Fossil Energy Programs
Published: Jan 30, 1998. Publicly Released: Feb 19, 1998.

Department of Energy:

Funding and Workforce Reduced, but Spending Remains Stable
Published: Apr 24, 1997. Publicly Released: May 5, 1997.

Tax Policy:

Effects of the Alcohol Fuels Tax Incentives
Published: Mar 6, 1997. Publicly Released: Mar 13, 1997.

Department of Energy:

Value of Benefits Paid to Separated Contractor Workforce Varied Widely
Published: Jan 23, 1997. Publicly Released: Jan 30, 1997.

Energy Security:

Evaluating U.S. Vulnerability to Oil Supply Disruptions and Options for Mitigating Their Effects
Published: Dec 12, 1996. Publicly Released: Dec 12, 1996.

Federal Research:

Changes in Electricity-Related R&D Funding
Published: Aug 16, 1996. Publicly Released: Sep 16, 1996.

Program Consolidation:

Budgetary Implications and Other Issues
Published: May 23, 1995. Publicly Released: May 23, 1995.

Naval Petroleum Reserve:

Limited Opportunities Exist to Increase Revenues From Oil Sales in California
Published: May 24, 1994. Publicly Released: May 25, 1994.