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Office of the Secretary of Defense, Department of Defense, Executive (41 - 50 of 125 items)

Federally Funded R&D Centers:

Information on the Size and Scope of DOD-Sponsored Centers
Published: Apr 24, 1996. Publicly Released: May 22, 1996.

Defense Infrastructure:

Budget Estimates for 1996-2001 Offer Little Savings for Modernization
Published: Apr 4, 1996. Publicly Released: Apr 11, 1996.

Foreign Investment:

Implementation of Exon-Florio and Related Amendments
Published: Dec 21, 1995. Publicly Released: Dec 21, 1995.

Defense Contracting:

Contractor Claims for Legal Costs Associated with Stockholder Lawsuits
Published: Jul 17, 1995. Publicly Released: Jul 17, 1995.

Ballistic Missile Defense:

Current Status of Strategic Target System
Published: Mar 3, 1995. Publicly Released: Mar 3, 1995.

Military Sales to Israel and Egypt:

DOD Needs Stronger Controls Over U.S.-Financed Procurements
Published: Jul 7, 1993. Publicly Released: Aug 10, 1993.

Financial Management:

DOD Has Not Responded Effectively to Serious, Long-standing Problems
Published: Jul 1, 1993. Publicly Released: Jul 1, 1993.

Ballistic Missile Defense:

Information on Directed Energy Programs for Fiscal Years 1985 Through 1993
Published: Jun 24, 1993. Publicly Released: Jun 25, 1993.

High Risk Series:

Defense Inventory Management
Published: Dec 1, 1992. Publicly Released: Dec 1, 1992.

Justice and Law Enforcement:

[Comments on DMA Employees' Claims for Night Differential and Sunday Premium Pay]
Published: Jun 9, 1992. Publicly Released: Jun 9, 1992.