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  1. U.S. Postal Service: Purchasing Changes Seem Promising, but Ombudsman Revisions and Continued Oversight Are Needed
  2. Special Education: Improved Timeliness and Better Use of Enforcement Actions Could Strengthen Education's Monitoring System
  3. Government Auditing Standards: 2011 Revision (Supersedes GAO-07-731G) [Reissued on January 20, 2012]
  4. Financial Restatements: Update of Public Company Trends, Market Impacts, and Regulatory Enforcement Activities
  5. Military Readiness: Progress and Challenges in Implementing the Navy's Optimized Fleet Response Plan
  6. Foreign Physicians: Preliminary Findings on the Use of J-1 Visa Waivers to Practice in Underserved Areas
  7. Mass Transit: Bus Rapid Transit Shows Promise
  8. Cyber Analysis and Warning: DHS Faces Challenges in Establishing a Comprehensive National Capability
  9. Maintaining Effective Control over Employee Time and Attendance Reporting
  10. Standards for Internal Control in the Federal Government

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  1. Comparative Effectiveness: Initial Assessment of the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute
  2. Vaccine Injury Compensation: Most Claims Took Multiple Years and Many Were Settled through Negotiation
  3. Military Readiness: Progress and Challenges in Implementing the Navy's Optimized Fleet Response Plan
  4. NASA: Assessments of Major Projects
  5. Illegal Aliens: Extent of Welfare Benefits Received on Behalf of U.S. Citizen Children
  6. Corporate Income Tax: Most Large Profitable U.S. Corporations Paid Tax but Effective Tax Rates Differed Significantly from the Statutory Rate
  7. Bee Health: USDA and EPA Should Take Additional Actions to Address Threats to Bee Populations
  8. Financial Regulation: Complex and Fragmented Structure Could Be Streamlined to Improve Effectiveness
  9. Civil Support: DOD Needs to Clarify Its Roles and Responsibilities for Defense Support of Civil Authorities during Cyber Incidents
  10. Vehicle Cybersecurity: DOT and Industry Have Efforts Under Way, but DOT Needs to Define Its Role in Responding to a Real-world Attack

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  1. Public Transportation: Washington Metro Could Benefit from Clarified Board Roles and Responsibilities, Improved Strategic Planning
  2. Public-Private Partnerships: Terms Related to Building and Facility Partnerships
  3. Technology Transfers: Benefits of Cooperative R&D Agreements
  4. Cloud Computing: Agencies Need to Incorporate Key Practices to Ensure Effective Performance
  5. Federal Research: Opportunities Exist to Improve the Management and Oversight of Federally Funded Research and Development Centers
  6. Wastewater Infrastructure Financing: Stakeholder Views on a National Infrastructure Bank and Public-Private Partnerships
  7. Grants Management: Actions Needed to Address Persistent Grant Closeout Timeliness and Undisbursed Balance Issues
  8. Indian Health Service: Actions Needed to Improve Oversight of Patient Wait Times
  9. M7 Aerospace LLC
  10. Patent and Trademark Office: New User Fee Design Presents Opportunities to Build on Transparency and Communication Success