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  1. District of Columbia: Structural Imbalance and Management Issues
  2. Mass Transit: Bus Rapid Transit Shows Promise
  3. Homeland Defense: Actions Needed to Improve Management of Air Sovereignty Alert Operations to Protect U.S. Airspace
  4. Cyber Analysis and Warning: DHS Faces Challenges in Establishing a Comprehensive National Capability
  5. Title Insurance: Actions Needed to Improve Oversight of the Title Industry and Better Protect Consumers
  6. 2010 Census: Counting Americans Overseas as Part of the Census Would Not Be Feasible
  7. Data Center Consolidation: Agencies Need to Complete Inventories and Plans to Achieve Expected Savings
  8. Elderly Housing: Federal Housing Programs That Offer Assistance for the Elderly
  9. Electronic Monitoring: Draft National Standard for Offender Tracking Systems Addresses Common Stakeholder Needs
  10. Johnson Controls Government Systems, LLC

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  1. Highlights of a Forum: Preparing for Climate-Related Risks: Lessons from the Private Sector
  2. DOJ Civil Rights Division Travel: Division Strengthened Controls over Travel, but Additional Areas for Improvement Identified
  3. Defense Inventory: Services Generally Have Reduced Excess Inventory, but Additional Actions Are Needed
  4. Johnson Controls Government Systems, LLC
  5. K-12 Education: Most Eighth Grade Students Are Not Proficient in Geography
  6. Intelligent Transportation Systems: Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Technologies Expected to Offer Benefits, but Deployment Challenges Exist
  7. Fiscal Outlook: Addressing Improper Payments and the Tax Gap Would Improve the Government's Fiscal Position
  8. Hospital Value-Based Purchasing: Initial Results Show Modest Effects on Medicare Payments and No Apparent Change in Quality-of-Care Trends
  9. National Institutes of Health: Better Oversight Needed to Help Ensure Continued Progress Including Women in Health Research
  10. Federal Information Security: Agencies Need to Correct Weaknesses and Fully Implement Security Programs

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  1. B-136318, AUG. 14, 1978, 57 COMP.GEN. 674
  2. 2015 Annual Report: Additional Opportunities to Reduce Fragmentation, Overlap, and Duplication and Achieve Other Financial Benefits
  3. Matter of: Department of Defense--Authority to Impose Pecuniary Liability by Regulation File: B-280764 Date: May 4, 2000
  4. Grants Management: EPA Has Opportunities to Improve Planning and Compliance Monitoring
  5. Civilian Personnel Law Manual: Title I -- Compensation
  6. Hospital Value-Based Purchasing: Initial Results Show Modest Effects on Medicare Payments and No Apparent Change in Quality-of-Care Trends
  7. Standards for Internal Control in the Federal Government
  8. Transportation Security: TSA Could Strengthen Monitoring of Allegations of Employee Misconduct
  9. Harris IT Services Corporation
  10. School Nutrition: USDA Has Efforts Underway to Help Address Ongoing Challenges Implementing Changes in Nutrition Standards