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  1. Puerto Rico: Información Sobre Como la Estatidad Afectaría Determinados Programas y Fuentes de Ingresos Federales
  2. A Glossary of Terms Used in the Federal Budget Process (Supersedes AFMD-2.1.1)
  3. Government Auditing Standards: 2011 Revision (Supersedes GAO-07-731G) [Reissued on January 20, 2012]
  4. Level 3 Communications LLC
  5. Trandes Corporation
  6. Elections: Issues Related to Registering Voters and Administering Elections
  7. 2020 Census: Census Bureau Needs to Improve Its Life-Cycle Cost Estimating Process
  8. Standards for Internal Control in the Federal Government
  9. Defense Headquarters: Improved Data Needed to Better Identify Streamlining and Cost Savings Opportunities by Function
  10. Mass Transit: Bus Rapid Transit Shows Promise

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  1. Defense Space Acquisitions: Too Early to Determine If Recent Changes Will Resolve Persistent Fragmentation in Management and Oversight
  2. Strategic Sourcing: Opportunities Exist to Better Manage Information Technology Services Spending
  3. VA Real Property: Leasing Can Provide Flexibility to Meet Needs but VA Should Demonstrate the Benefits
  4. Aviation Safety: FAA's Risk-Based Oversight for Repair Stations Could Benefit from Additional Airline Data and Performance Metrics
  5. Drug Shortages: Certain Factors Are Strongly Associated with This Persistent Public Health Challenge
  6. FACE Recognition Technology: FBI Should Better Ensure Privacy and Accuracy
  7. Intelligent Transportation Systems: Urban and Rural Transit Providers Reported Benefits but Face Deployment Challenges
  8. High-Risk Series: An Update
  9. Immigration Benefits System: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Can Improve Program Management
  10. Commodity Futures Trading Commission--Fiscal Year 2013 Transfer Authority

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  1. Illegal Aliens: Extent of Welfare Benefits Received on Behalf of U.S. Citizen Children
  2. Management Report: Areas for Improvement in the Bureau of the Fiscal Service's Information Systems Controls
  3. Health and Safety: Protecting Department of Energy Workers' Health and Safety
  4. Energy Employees Compensation: Actions to Promote Contract Oversight, Transparency of Labor's Involvement, and Independence of Advisory Board Could Strengthen Program
  5. Energy Employees Compensation: Additional Independent Oversight and Transparency Would Improve Program's Credibility
  6. Operational Contract Support: Additional Actions Needed to Manage, Account for, and Vet Defense Contractors in Africa
  7. Army Corps of Engineers: Additional Steps Needed for Review and Revision of Water Control Manuals
  8. VA Real Property: Leasing Can Provide Flexibility to Meet Needs but VA Should Demonstrate the Benefits
  9. B-227559, Mar 23, 1988, 67 Comp.Gen. 349
  10. Matter of: Learjet, Inc. File: B-274385; B-274385.2; B-274385.3 Date: December 6, 1996