Strategic and Performance Planning

GAO's Strategic Plan 2014-2019 for serving the Congress includes an in-depth treatment of trends and other developments that affect America's future and help shape our work. Our plan provides detailed information about the specific areas of GAO's work we anticipate-including a description of our goals and objectives, related performance goals, and key efforts for supporting the Congress and the nation as the United States undergoes a period of significant change, one that entails challenging considerations and necessary compromises.

Performance Plan

GAO's annual performance plan covers activities for each of our strategic goals and is included with our budget submission each year.

This report presents the Government Accountability Office's (GAO) Performance Plan for Fiscal Year 2018. In the spirit of the Government Performance and Results Act, this annual plan informs the Congress and the American people about what we expect to accomplish on their behalf in the coming fiscal year. It sets forth our plan to make progress toward achieving our strategic goals for serving the Congress and the American people. This framework not only shows the relationship between our strategic goals and strategic objectives, but also show major themes that could potentially affect our work.

Past Performance Plans